Gambavaim is a play on words deriving from Tobias Hume’s ‘Spirit of Gambo’ on one and from Estonian word ‘kambavaim’ team spirit on the other side. Gambavaim is a three-day viola da gamba festival with workshop that takes place in early August and connects Estonian professionals and enthusiasts. Based in Kuriste Parish Community Centre on Hiiumaa island, the 17th-18th century viola da gamba music in all its breathtaking facets is presented in concerts all around the island: Kassari Chapel, Suuremõisa Mansion, Kärdla Church, Käina Cultural Center.  

Gambavaim was initiated in 2017 by Villu Vihermäe and Arvo Haasmaa, Director of Kärdla Music School. Since then, Finnish renowned gamba players Markus Kuikka and Mikko Perkola and Estonian gamba spirit Peeter Klaas have been sharing their skills and knowledge in Hiiumaa.

For additional information and participation please contact Villu!